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"I was very angry at the world before Inspire! I had a lot of heavy stuff that I didn't want to talk about... It makes me cry every time I think of it, but I'm just so much happier now!" 

Emily, Inspire Alumni


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Inspire! Weekend?

The Inspire! Weekend begins early on Friday morning and concludes on Sunday afternoon.

How much does Inspire! cost?

The average cost we ask per attendee is $150. This covers all lodging, meals, and materials. Because of faithful donors, there is no cost to attend Inspire! Weekend at this time.

Who is Inspire! Weekend for?

Inspire! Weekend is for anyone ages 18-25 who is looking for a space to clear their heart and mind in order to find a spark of inspiration for their life.

What is The Leadership Table?

The Leadership Table is a group of community leaders that meet as volunteers on a regular basis to brainstorm about Inspire! and other avenues to pour into the lives of young adults in Chattanooga and surrounding areas.

How can I sign up to attend Inspire! Weekend?

You can register to attend by clicking the REGISTER link in the menu of this website. You will be contacted with all the details.
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