What Is The Inspire! Weekend?

Inspire! Weekend is sponsored by The Leadership Table, a non-profit organization of proactive community leaders who have personally invested themselves in creating a three-day, high-energy, life-inspiring event for young adults - high school senior through 25 years old.

The Inspire! event is a weekend filled with inspiration, leading to greater self-awareness and space for clearing the mind and heart; opening possibilities for a focused life.

Inspire! Weekend will revolve around focused brief talks, small group discussion, interactive games, fun-filled moments, great music, lots of snacks and food. Truly an inspired weekend!

Inspire! will offer participants the opportunity:
• To rise strong and own their story
• To awaken potential
• To experience inspired stories
• To create friendships
• To connect with business and community leaders
• To become part of Inspire! Alumni

Inspire! Weekend will begin Friday at 8:00am and conclude on Sunday at 5:00pm.

Participants must be sponsored for a total cost of $150. Candidates are asked to pay $25 of the enrollment fee.

• Sponsors commit to pay a $75 deposit as submitted with application
• Sponsors commit to meeting with candidate and, if necessary, parents or guardian to fully explain the Inspire! event
• Sponsors commit to assuring candidate gets to and from Inspire! event and is present for portions of the beginning and ending of the weekend
• Sponsors commit to working with Inspire! leadership to ensure their candidate is supported as needed

Want to sponsor a candidate?

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